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Analysis of main performance indexes of shield tail grease

Tests are carried out according to the main performance index requirement of shield tail sealing grease to analyze the performance of the product. Establish the scientific performance indicators of shield tail sealing grease, improve product quality, and reduce the possibility of major accidents.

1. Density

GB/T 13477.2 (2018 Edition) Part II Density Test Method
According to Archimedes' principle, the density of shield tail grease is determined by the calculation formula of buoyancy and density,Unit g/cm³.

2. Consistency (non-working cone penetration)

GB/T269 Determination of Cone Penetration
25℃ non-working penetration,The depth of penetration of the cone into the sample within 5 seconds,An index for evaluating the degree of softness / hardness of grease.

3. Pumpability.

BSLS01-01 Test Method
Test the pumpability of shield tail grease at 25℃,Within 1min under 10Bar,The amount of grease pumped through the specified capillary.

4. Elongation and uniformity

BSLS01-02 Test Method
Adjust the pumping pressure, fill the sealed cavity at a fixed flow rate, keep pushing at a constant speed of 40mm/min. After the end of the experiment, analyze the uniformity of the effectively paved grease on the passing surface.

5. Adhesion

BSLS01-03 Test Method
Test the adhesion and endurance of a specified amount of shield tail grease on the wet and slippery surfaces of metal or cement boards at room temperature.

6. Vertical water wash-out

BSLS01-04 Test Method
Test the ability of shield tail grease to resist continuously flush with quantitative flowing water.

7. Water resistance and sealing

BSLS01-05 Test Method
Test the ability of shield tail grease to resist hydrostatic pressure under specified aperture gap.