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Performance Analysis of Main Bearing Sealing Grease

When testing the performance of the Main Bearing Sealing Grease (HBW), refer to the following existing experimental methods:
④ Adhesion
⑤ Vertical water wash-out
⑥ Water resistance and sealing

In addition, we also designed a dynamic leakage experiment based on the rotating operation mode of the bearing. When the shield bearing is operating, it relies on the sealing grease and the lubricating grease to resist the invasion of mud or fine particles in the excavation bin. Therefore, the ability of HBW to fill the voids formed by rotational pulling and resist water pressure under dynamic conditions is very important.

The HBW was uniformly filled in the bearing of the experimental device to saturate the cavity. Under water with constant pressure, run the bearing and record the leakage time.

This test analysis can reflect the resistance of the main drive sealant during operation more realistically .